PT. Garuda Metalindo Tbk is a fastener manufacturing which has a goal to manufacture products that meets with customer’s requirement and constantly willing to achieve customer’s satisfaction through increasing its management of performance and system continuously. In achieving company’s vision and mission, the management of PT. Garuda Metalindo Tbk is committed to:

1. Compliance to all regulations, quality requirements, safety and health working environment which comply to all customers, government and other related party according to quality standard, hazard and other important aspect which make cause damages and other contamination in company’s environment.

2. Prevent and anticipate work accident and illness caused by working activity and contamination of working environment by minimizing the risk of work accident and optimizing the process of reducing industrial waste.

3. Be efficient in energy consumption and natural resources. This company’s policy is communicate and implement among all employees and all other third related party which involved to the company activity consistently.
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