PT. Garuda Metalindo Tbk is a private company in the fastener manufacturing industry established in 1982. The company started from home industry by locally manufacturing Spring Center Bolt and U Bolt for trucks in Indonesia.

In tune with the growing demand and economy in Indonesia, PT. Garuda Metalindo Tbk continues to expand its operations. Currently, we are not only manufacturing Spring Center Bolt and Spring U Bolt for trucks in Indonesia, but we also manufacture a variety of bolts and nuts in the diameter range of 2 mm - 33 mm and also various type of automotive components for 2 wheel and 4 wheel.

PT. Garuda Metalindo Tbk currently based in two locations. The first location is in Kapuk, where Plant 1 occupies +/- 19,000 sqm of land space with a building area of +/- 14,500 sqm. The second locations is in Tangerang, where Plant 2 occupies +/- 21,000 sqm of land space with a building area of +/- 11,500 sqm. PT. Garuda Metalindo Tbk employs a workforce of 1,239 staff (data as of October 2008) with an annual production capacity at Plant 1 is +/- 23.000 tons and annual production capacity at Plant 2 is +/- 19.000 tons.

With our rapid expansion, PT. Garuda Metalindo Tbk not only focuses in production but we also continuously improve our quality management system. Currently, we have received several accreditation awarding our quality management system such as ISO 9001-2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002. Also, a lot of awards from our customers awarding our quality product.

Currently, with our consistency and full commitment in delivering the best "Quality, Cost and Delivery" to our customers, a lot of large scale industries from many business sector such as automotive producers, motorcycle producers, automotive component makers, furniture manufacturers, electronic manufacturers and also retail customers from retail sector have become our main customers who have endorsed us as a world quality fastener manufacturer.

Ultimately on july 7, 2015 PT. Garuda Metalindo have been listed successfully on Indonesia Stock Exchange, therefore the company status become public listed company named PT. Garuda Metalindo Tbk.

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